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‘STI’ Debut — OMRON's New Category Brand

STI — OMRON's new category brand for machine safeguarding products


OMRON welcomed Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI) to the Group in September 2006.
Inspired by the company's former name, our new category brand for machine safeguarding products imbues the three letters STI with the meaning of “Safety, Technology & Innovation”, reflecting OMRON's desire to spark a revolution in the industry. By combining our advanced sensing, control and networking technologies with high-level product support, OMRON aims to help customers create safer workplaces for their employees and enjoy improved productivity as a result.

OMRON offers optimized, total solutions whatever the problem.

OMRON is committed to providing customers with the production-line safety measures that they need today.


Customer Testimonials

At OMRON, we are committed to fulfilling the promises we make when working together with customers to realize safer workplaces.

Case 1

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

OMRON's detailed and customized advice enabled us to quickly attain the level of design expertise we needed to satisfy our customer's requirements. The knowledge that we acquired is a hugely valuable, intangible asset that has really empowered us to rapidly meet the demands of our customers in the semiconductor device manufacturing industry.

Case 2

LCD production

OMRON's awareness, knowledge and experience in the field of machine safeguarding was clear in the detailed responses we received to all our inquiries. With support from their consulting service, we succeeded in producing a safety standards manual tailored to our needs.

Case 3

Home appliance manufacturing

OMRON's international experience and expertise were clear from the outset. They helped us design equipment better suited for our overseas production bases, enabling us to export our products with full confidence. OMRON also ensured that the production line got up and running again smoothly after the new safety features had been added.

Case 4

Automotive manufacturing

We were deeply impressed by OMRON's total dedication to ensuring worker safety. With OMRON's help, we were able to standardize our in-house safety design and create internationally competitive devices. OMRON's ability to provide maintenance parts for local production was also a great reassurance.