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PMAC Software downloads download

You can download software for the PMAC.


・ Please check the series of your PMAC Controller and find supported software in the table below before downloading software.
・ Thoroughly read and understand the manuals for all devices and equipment that will make up the system to ensure that the system is used safely. Review the entire contents of these manuals, including all safety precautions, precautions for safe use, and precautions for correct use.
・ Confirm all regulations, standards, and restrictions that the system must adhere to.
・ Check the user program for proper execution before you use it for actual operation.


Item Details Updated date File name Version
Power PMAC IDE This IDE integrates motion programming for PMAC, motor setup and tuning, debugging, and troubleshooting. Jan. 5th 2023

Installation Procedure [open]

Double-click the "setup" file and follow the popup messages.

System requirements

Applicable models All CK, Power UMAC, Power Brick series, Power Clipper and Power Etherlite

Download File


You may use this software package only when you accept the terms of the Software License Agreement that will be displayed before installation.