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Safety Controllers

Model/Combination KC Mark Registration No. Certification No.
NE1A-SCPU01-V1 KCC-REM-OMR-NE1A-00001 ---
NE1A-EDR01 KCC-REM-OMR-NE1A-00003 ---
NE0A-SCPU01 KCC-REM-OMR-NE0A-00001 ---
DST1-ID12SL-1 KCC-REM-OMR-DST1-00001 ---
DST1-MD16SL-1 KCC-REM-OMR-DST1-00002 ---
G9SP-N10D KCC-REM-OMR-G9SP-00002 ---
G9SP-N10S KCC-REM-OMR-G9SP-00001 ---
G9SP-N20S KCC-REM-OMR-G9SP-00003 ---
Note: Products that meet Korean Radio Regulations will be shipped as soon as the present stock has run out.
Shipment time may vary depending on the stock. Ask your OMRON representative for details.