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Power Supply

Model Ratings Environmental Category Remarks
S8VK-G 100 to 240V AC
90 to 350V DC
ENV1,2,3 *
S8VK-R 5 to 30V DC (S8VK-R10)
10 to 60V DC (S8VK-R20)
ENV1,2,3 *
S8VK-S(60W/120W/240W/480W) 100 to 240V AC ENV1,2,3 *
S8VK-T 380 to 480V AC
450 to 600V DC
ENV1,2,3 *
* General Power distribution Zones
Note 1: The above table lists series names. Ask your OMRON representative for details on specific model numbers.
Note 2: For type approvals, these models shall not be installed on the deck, in the bridge, or on machinery that has severe vibration conditions.
Note 3. Observe the following application conditions when using S8VK-G, S8VK-S and S8VK-R series model as an LR-approved product.
Connect a Noise Filter (ZCAT2035-0930 manufactured by TDK) to the I/O cable. (except for S8VK-S 60W/120W models)
Connect a Noise Filter (FN2080-10-06 manufactured by Schaffner) to the input terminal. (except for S8VK-S 60W model)
If you mount the Power Supply to a DIN Rail, secure it with an End Plate (PFP-M manufactured by OMRON) on both ends.
Note 4. In the case of using side-mounting bracket (S82Y-VK10S, S82Y-VK20S) for S8VK-T series, LR Standard are not applicable.
For type approval for the LR (Lloyd's Register of Shipping) was made according to the LR Type Approval System Test Specification No. 1.
Refer to the following table for environmental categories.
Environmental Category
ENV1 Controlled environments only, to producer's specification
ENV2 Enclosed spaces subject to temperature, humidity and vibration - 5º C to 55º C
ENV3 Enclosed spaces subject to generated heat from other equipment - 5º C to 70º C
ENV4 Mounted on reciprocating machinery - 5º C to 55º C
ENV5 Open decks -  -25º C to +70º C
Note: Models that are certified for an ENV2 environment can also be used in an ENV1 environment.

Power/Component Protective Components, and Power Sensors

Model Ratings Environmental Category
K2WR-R AC 5A, 100/110/200/220V AC 50/60Hz ENV1,2
K8DT-PH 200 to 480V AC ENV1,2
K8DT-PM 200 to 240V AC, 380 to 480V AC ENV1,2
K8DT-PZ 200 to 240V AC, 380 to 480V AC ENV1,2

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS’s)

Model Ratings Environmental Category
S8BA-24D24D120LF 24V DC ENV2
S8BA-24D24D240LF 24V DC ENV2
S8BA-24D24D360LF 24V DC ENV2
S8BA-24D24D480LF 24V DC ENV2