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Fiber Amplifier

Amplifier Units, simple operation and high performance, can select various Fiber Units depending on works and space.

Fiber Amplifier List

There are 11 products of Fiber Amplifier.

E3NX-CA Color Fiber Amplifier Unit E3NX-CA

Smart Fiber Amplifier Units with White LEDs. High Color Discrimination Capability with the Same Easy Operation as Previous Fiber Amplifier Units. Existing General-purpose Fiber Units Can Be Connected.

E3NX-FA Smart Fiber Amplifier Units E3NX-FA

The Advanced Fiber Amplifier Units That Handles On-site Needs

E3X-HD Smart Fiber Sensor E3X-HD

Surprisingly Stable Detection with Your Finger tip. Exceptionally easy operation and stabilizing technology reduce maintenance cost.

E3X-DA-S Digital Fiber Amplifier Unit E3X-DA-S

Stable Detection with Advanced Fiber Amplifier Units

E3X-DAC-S Color Sensing Digital Fiber Amplifier Unit E3X-DAC-S

Easy and Reliable. The Fiber Amplifier Unit That Sees in Color

E3X-SD / NA Simple Fiber Amplifier Unit E3X-SD / NA

Simple and Affordable Fiber Amplifier Units

E32-L11FP / L1[]FS, E3X-DA[][]TG-S Wet Process Sensor E32-L11FP / L1[]FS, E3X-DA[][]TG-S

Stable Detection of Glass in Wet Processes. Non-contact Operation Simplifies Mounting and Maintenance.

E3X-DA-S / MDA Digital Fiber Amplifier Unit E3X-DA-S / MDA

Advanced Fiber Amplifier Units

E3X-DA-N Digital Fiber Amplifier E3X-DA-N

The Ultimate Fiber Amplifier for Maximum Ease of Use and High Performance

E3X-SD Simple Fiber Amplifier E3X-SD

The Standard for Fiber Amplifiers with Simple Operation and High Performance

F3UV UV Power Monitor F3UV

Monitor the Output of a UV Light Source through an Optical Fiber Cable