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Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic waves are used to enable stable detection of transparent objects, such as transparent films, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and plate glass, using Through-beam or Reflective Sensors.

Ultrasonic Sensors List

There are 4 products of Ultrasonic Sensors.

E4C-UDA Digital Amplifier Ultrasonic Sensor E4C-UDA

Compact, Cylindrical Reflective Ultrasonic Sensor with Easy Setting

E4E2 Compact Ultrasonic Sensor E4E2

Compact, Through-beam, Ultrasonic Sensor

E4B Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor E4B

Capable of Setting the Sensing Range Using an Ultrasonic Beam

E4A-3K Ultrasonic Reflective Sensor E4A-3K

Sensor with an Adjustable Sensing Distance of 0.3 to 3 m Under Stable Operation without Background Interference