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G2R-[]-S (S)

General-purpose Relay

G2R-[]-S (S)

Slim and Space-saving Power Plug-in Relay

When your order, specify the rated voltage.

Classification Enclosure
Coil ratings Contact form
Plug-in terminal General-purpose Unsealed AC/DC G2R-1-S (S) G2R-2-S (S)
LED indicator G2R-1-SN (S) G2R-2-SN (S)
LED indicator with test button G2R-1-SNI (S) G2R-2-SNI (S)
Diode DC G2R-1-SD (S) G2R-2-SD (S)
LED indicator and diode G2R-1-SND (S) G2R-2-SND (S)
LED indicator and diode with test button G2R-1-SNDI (S) G2R-2-SNDI (S)

Note: 1. The standard models are compliant with UL/CSA and VDE standards. Also, an EC compliance declaration has
              been made for combinations with the P2RF-E and P2RF-S. The Relays bear the CE Marking.
          2. Refer to Connecting Sockets, below, for applicable Socket models.
          3. When ordering, add the rated coil voltage and "(S)" to the model number. Rated coil voltages are given in the
               coil ratings table.

G2R-[]-S (S) Lineup 3

Accessories (Order Separately)

Connecting Sockets

Applicable Relay model Track/surface-mounting Socket Back-mounting Socket
Screwless clamp terminal Screw terminal Terminals Model
1 pole
G2R-1-S (S)
P2RF-05-S *
(P2CM-S (option))
PCB terminals P2R-05P, P2R-057P
Solder terminals P2R-05A
2 poles
G2R-2-S (S)
P2RF-08-S *
(P2CM-S (option))
PCB terminals P2R-08P, P2R-087P
Solder terminals P2R-08A

* Use of the P2CM Clip & Release Lever is recommended to ensure stable mounting.

Accessories for Screwless Clamp Terminal Socket (Option)

Name Model
Clip & Release Lever P2CM-S
Nameplate R99-11 Nameplate for MY
Socket Bridge P2RM-SR (for AC), P2RM-SB (for DC)

Mounting Tracks

Applicable Socket Description Model
Track-connecting Socket Mounting track 50 cm (l) x 7.3 mm (t): PFP-50N
1 m (l) x 7.3 mm (t): PFP-100N
1 m (l) x 16 mm (t): PFP-100N2
End plate PFP-M
Spacer PFP-S
Back-connecting Socket Mounting plate P2R-P *

* Used to mount several P2R-05A and P2R-08A Connecting Sockets side by side.