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NX-series Incremental Encoder Input Unit


Read position information from incremental encoders, synchronised with the control cycle and EtherCAT Distributed Clock.

Open collector output type and line driver output type Incremental Encoders can be connected.

High-speed remote I/O control with communications cycle as fast as 125 μs.*1

Free-Run refreshing or Synchronous I/O refreshing, Task Period Prioritized refreshing*2, can be selected for refreshing with the NX-series NX1P2 CPU Unit or EtherCAT Coupler.

When the MC Function Modules of the NJ/NX/NY5-series Machine Automation Controller are used, the encoder input can be used for motion control instructions as an “axis”.

Latch function (1 internal signal and 2 input signals from external devices)

Pulse Period Measurement

32 bit counters (80000000 to 7FFFFFFF HEX)

Maximum counting rate: 4 MHz (Line receiver: 4 MHz, Open collector: 500 kHz)

Input edge time stamps

The maximum and minimum counter values can be set.

Connection to the CJ-series is possible by connecting with the EtherNet/IPTM Coupler.

*1. When using the NX-EC01[][] together with the NX701-[][][][] and NX-ECC203.
*2. Task Period Prioritized refreshing is available when the NX-ECC203 is used together.

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