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Automation Control Environment (ACE)


Automation Control Environment (ACE)

ACE is a PC-based software package that easily manages Omron’s entire portfolio of robots, controls, vision, and feeding systems

ACE software is available to download from the Omron US website.

about this Product Family

ACE software provides an easy-to-use environment to program and deploy applications ranging from simple pick & place to multi-robot belt-tracking lines. It allows you to increase productivity while streamlining configuration setup. ACE 4.0 shifts to an even more intuitive interface and provides superior data visualization.

• Fast emulation and 3D visualization for quick proof of concept

• Wizard-based user-friendly interface to calibrate and teach the robots

• Recipe Manager simplifies management of manufacturing process and handles a range of product variations, ideal for flexible automation to reduce changeover time

• ACE Sight enables vision guided conveyor-tracking and AnyFeeder integration via wizards

• ACE Sight 4.0 also includes vision inspection tools to improve quality assurance and traceability

ACE PackXpert

ACE PackXpert can manage scalable packaging lines from integration to deployment, step-by-step guidance without scripting. The software walks you through the configuration of packaging applications by setting up process-specific items, such as controllers, robots, and conveyor belts.

•Process Manager optimizes line resources, decreasing idle time and maximizing the amount of parts processed per robot

•Fully customizable for any line configuration and advanced load balancing

Automation Control Environment (ACE) Features 4

Note: When ACE PackXpert is used to configure an application, robot cycle time may vary between the SmartController EX and eAIB/eMotionBox.