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XS5 NEXT Series

Round Oil-resistant Connectors (M12 Smartclick)

XS5 NEXT Series

Round Oil-resistive Smartclick Connectors for E2E NEXT Series, that are Resistant to Oil, and that Reduce Installation Work

about this Product Family

• Uses unique OMRON technology and the same PVC cable with increased oil resistance as the E2E NEXT Series. Oil-resistance performance values of 2 years* when used in combination with E2E NEXT Series proximity sensors.

• A newly developed lock mechanism that is compatible with round M12 connectors.

• Simply insert the Connectors, then turn them approximately 1/8 of a turn to lock.

• A positive click indicates locking.

• IP67, IP69K degree of protection.

• UL approved products.

* Covered types of oil: Cutting oil specified in JIS K 2241:2000
The oil-resistance performance value (2 years) indicates the median value (=Typ) at product design, and in evaluation testing results of oil-resistance performance. Shipped products will show some variance around this 2 year value in actual usage.