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Guard Lock Safety-door Switch


Release Protective Cover Locks Using Controller Signals or Pushbutton Switches after the Cutting Tool Stops Moving Due to Inertia

A mechanical lock is applied automatically when the Operation Key is inserted. A high level of safety is achieved using a mechanism where the lock is only released when voltage is applied to the solenoid.

Conforms to EN (TÜV) standards corresponding to the CE marking.

Certified by UL, CSA and CCC standards.

The Switch contact is opened by a direct opening mechanism (NC contacts only) when the protective cover is opened.

Auxiliary release key ensures easy maintenance and unlocks the door in the case of a power failure.

Tough aluminum die-cast body incorporating a switch box with degree of protection satisfying IP67, UL, and CSA TYPE6P, 13.

Equipped with a horizontal and vertical conduit opening.

Models incorporating easy-to-see indicators for monitoring and those using an adjustable Operation Key for a swinging door are available.

The mounting direction of the head can be changed to allow the Operation Key to be inserted from four directions.