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EE-SPY31 / 41

Light Convergent Reflective Photomicrosensor

EE-SPY31 / 41

Accurately detects objects placed in front of shiny Background.


Appearance Sensing method Sensing distance Output type Output configuration Model
Horizontal type
reflective type
2 to 5 mm
(Infrared light)
NPN output Dark-ON EE-SPY311
Light-ON EE-SPY411
Vertical type
Dark-ON EE-SPY312
Light-ON EE-SPY412

Accessories (Order Separately)

Type Cable length Model
Connector Connector EE-1001
Connector with Cable 1 m EE-1006 1M
EE-1010 1M
2 m EE-1006 2M
EE-1010 2M
Connector with Robot Cable 1 m EE-1010-R 1M
2 m EE-1010-R 2M
NPN/PNP Conversion Connector 0.46 m (total length) EE-2002

* Refer to Accessories for details.