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OMRON IA Operations

Functioning as a partner to help innovate worldwide manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry now has to produce high-quality products in a way that is streamlined and flexible, and at the same time satisfy diversified consumer demand. Through our accumulated expertise in Sensing and Control technology, we contribute to improving the productivity of manufacturers.

OMRON's sensing technology meticulously observes product condition as items are conveyed through a manufacturing line and detects minute flaws and irregularities. Our control technology is essential for sophisticated processing of the sensed data. OMRON is ready and willing to serve as a reliable partner for any manufacturer wanting to transform their current manufacturing systems. In addition to improved productivity and product quality, we offer our customers extensive support in their efforts to conserve the environment and assure safety.

Precision sensing technology raises productivity in many industries.

In the desire to increase productivity, it is just as important to prevent defects as it is to perform rigorous final inspections to keep defective products off the market. Thus, checks for flawless production processes are performed. Should a defect be discovered, its cause needs to be located and analyzed so appropriate feedback can be sent to previous processes for improvements. OMRON's high-precision sensing technology is ideal in such example cases as semiconductor manufacturing where even nanometer (one-millionth of a millimeter) level irregularities in silicon wafer film thickness could be a major problem in finished products. OMRON's in-line film thickness sensor is perfect for such a process that requires exceptionally high precision. This sensor accurately checks and measures the film thickness of a silicon wafer. By determining manufacturing parameters ideally suited to each line, any process wastage is minimized. This is just one application example of how OMRON's powerful sensing technology significantly contributes to raising productivity and product quality.

Versatile production line control for better streamlining of manufacturing.

Efficiently producing a wide range of products requires rapid control of manufacturing equipment and machinery. OMRON's programmable logic controllers correctly process information from various control components such as sensors, timers, temperature controllers and switches to efficiently control equipment and machinery. Our programmable terminals incorporate touch panel screens for simple and fast changes of production line and process control. By optimally interfacing between operator and machinery, these devices help boost production efficiency.

IT and open networking support globalization for manufacturing.

In today's manufacturing world, operations are becoming increasingly globalized. By promoting an open network environment revolving around OMRON's DeviceNet, an international de-facto standard, we help our customers create full-scale global production systems. Our open network technology allows for the creation of a factory automation system using optimized components regardless of manufacturer and type, as well as easily accommodating new production system launches. OMRON also encourages using information technology for production. Through the internet and mobile wireless equipment, we can provide a full system that facilitates confirming on-site information on a global level such as equipment operation status and quality data. This leads to quick and efficient manufacturing data exchange and instructions on a worldwide scale and even remote maintenance and issuing production orders from distant locations.

Occupational safety is equally important.

Being committed to manufacturing innovation also requires creating an environment that promotes operator safety. Our many safety-related components include safety door switches that keep protective doors locked until machine operation completely ceases and safety sensors that automatically stop machine tools when an operator enters a dangerous area. OMRON also works to adapt our own know-how to maintain occupational safety in terms of customer needs and disseminates information regarding international safety standards