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OMRON applies its core competencies in sensing and control technologies through a variety of operations on a global scale.
We at OMRON IA support our customers' innovations in the art of making things by providing high-quality control components along with OMRON's sensing and control technologies.

OMRON IA follows the OMRON Corporation's theory and corporate principles to help our customers realize innovation in the art of making things in the industrial automation domain.

SINIC Theory - the compass guiding OMRON's business endeavors

OMRON's approach to anticipating future social needs as it aims to create the "best matching of machines to people."

OMRON's Corporate Principles

Omron Principles represent our unchanging, unshakeable beliefs.
The Omron Principles are the cornerstone of our decisions and actions. They are what binds us together, and they are the driving force behind Omron’s growth.