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Safety Sensors

Precautions for Safety Use
Precautions for Correct Use
Safety Precautions

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Precautions for All Safety Sensors

Do not used the product in atmospheres or environments that exceed product ratings


Prevention of Mutual Interference

For series connection

Refer to the "Precautions for Correct Use" for individual models for information on preventing mutual interference of linkable Safety Light Curtains.

For no series connection

When installing two or more pairs of light curtains independently from each other due to inconvenience of wiring or other reason, take proper measures to prevent mutual interference. If mutual interference occurs, a lockout condition will result for the Safety Light Curtain.

Installation which may cause mutual interference

Installation to prevent mutual interference

(1)Install so that the two light curtains emit in the opposite directions (staggered).

(2)Install a light interrupting wall in between sensors.

(3)Install the light curtains facing away from the one another to eliminate mutual interference.

Distance between emitter and receiver (Detection Distance)Allowable installation distance D
Type 4Type 2
For 0.2 to 3 m0.26 m0.52 m
For 3 m or moreL x tan5°
= L x 0.088 (m)
L x tan10°
= L x 0.18 (m)

Operating range

Chattering may occur in the output when the distance between the emitter and the receiver is less than 0.2 m. Use only in the rated operating range.

(4)Use a spatter protection slit cover. (F3SN and F3SH)

(5)Shorten the detection distance by setting with a setting tool. (F3SJ)