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Safety Door Switches

Precautions for Safety Use
Precautions for Correct Use
Safety Precautions

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Precautions for All Safety Door Switches

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Do not insert the Operation Key when the door is open.
The machine may operate, possibly causing injury.

Precautions for Safe Use

Do not use the Switch in atmospheres containing explosive or flammable gases.

Although the switch body is protected from the ingress of dust or water, avoid the ingress of foreign substance through the key hole on the head. Otherwise, accelerated wear, breaking, or malfunction may result.

The durability of the Switch varies considerably depending on the switching conditions. Always confirm the usage conditions by using the Switch in an actual application, and use the Switch only for the number of switching operations that its performance allows.

Do not use the Switch in a starting circuit. (Use the Switch for safety confirmation signal purposes.)

Connect a fuse in series with the Switch to protect it from short-circuit damage. The value of the breaking current of the fuse must be calculated by multiplying the rated current by 150% to 200%.
Use the designated fuse for each specific model, corresponding with the safety standard rating appearing under the "Rating/Performance" for each model.

Mount the Operation Key so that it will not come into contact with persons in the area when the door is opened and closed. Injury may result.

Do not drop the Switch. Doing so may prevent the Switch from functioning to its full capability.

Do not under any circumstances disassemble or modify the Switch. Doing so may cause malfunction.