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Displacement / Measurement Sensors

Precautions for Safety Use
Precautions for Correct Use

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Wiring Considerations

About wiring

Do not use a current in excess of the rated current. This will damage the product.

Do not reverse the power supply connection or connect to an AC current.

Do not short-circuit the load of an open collector output.

Wire this product separately from high-voltage wires and power lines. If wired together or in the same conduit, induction may cause incorrect operation and damage.

If a commercial switching regulator is used, ground the FG (frame ground) terminal.

Operating Environment

Operating Environment

Avoid use in locations where there is strong external stray light (laser light, arc welding light, etc.) or strong electromagnetic waves.

Do not use for non-applicable materials (liquids, etc.), or for shape measurement.

Ambient Conditions

Do not install in the following locations.

Locations subject to strong vibration.

In locations exposed to direct sunlight or near heating equipment.

Locations with high humidity

Locations where dust or metal powder will accumulate on the sensor.

Locations where there are corrosive or combustible gas vapors.

Locations where organic solvents, water, or oil will splash on the product.

Locations subject to strong magnetic or electric fields.

Locations subject to sudden temperature changes.

Cold locations subject to icing.

Maintenance and Inspection

Be sure to turn the power off before adjusting or removing the sensor unit.

Observe the following precautions when cleaning the optical filter on the sensor unit

(1)Use a blower brush (for camera lenses) to blow away large debris and dust. Avoid blowing with your own breath.

(2)Carefully remove small debris and dust with a soft cloth (lens cleaner, etc.) that has been moistened with a small amount of alcohol. Do not wipe hard. Scratches or other lens damage will prevent the sensor from measuring correctly.

(3)Never use thinner or other solvents. Solvents will damage the optical properties of the filter.