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Precautions for safety Use

General Precautions

For precautions on individual products, refer to Safety Precautions in individual product information.


These products cannot be used in safety devices for presses or other safety devices used to protect human life. These products are designed for use in applications for sensing workpieces and workers that do not affect safety.

Do not use a voltage that exceeds the rated voltage range.
Applying a voltage that is higher than the rated voltage range may cause explosion or burning.

Be sure that the power supply polarity and other wiring is correct.
Incorrect wiring may explosion or burning.

Do not short-circuit the load. Doing so may cause explosion or burning.

Make sure the power is OFF before performing wiring work. If the power is ON and an output wire contacts the power supply, the output circuit may be damaged.

Wire high-voltage lines or power lines separately from Encoder wiring. If high-voltage lines are wired in parallel with Encoder wiring, induction may cause malfunction or damage.