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Safety Light Curtain


Safety Light Curtain, Hand/arm protection, Protective Height 1095 mm, Detection capability 30 mm dia., PNP

Appication Hand/arm protection
Detection capability Opaque objects of 30 mm dia.
Number of beams 44 axis
Protective height 1095 mm

Item list of F3SJ Series

  • Ratings / Performance
AppicationHand/arm protection
Detection capabilitySensing objectOpaque objects
dia.30 mm dia.
Beam gap25 mm
Number of beams44 axis
Protective height1095 mm
Lens diameter5 mm dia.
Operating Range0.2 to 9 m
Response time (Normal mode)ON→OFF13 ms
OFF→ON52 ms
Light sourceInfrared LED (870 nm)
Startup waiting time2 s max. (2.2 s max. for cascade connection)
Electrical specificationPower supply voltage (Vs)24 VDC±20% Ripple 10% max.
Current consumptionReceiver: 68 mA max. (No load)
Emitter: 76 mA max. (No load)
Control output (OSSD)Two PNP transistor outputs
Load current: 300 mA max.
Residual voltage: 2 V max.
Capacitive load: 2.2 µF
Leakage current: 1 mA max.
Auxiliary output (non-safety output) One PNP transistor output
Load current: 300 mA max.
Residual voltage: 2 V max.
Leakage current: 1 mA max.
External indicator output (non-safety output)Available indicators: Incandescent lamp: 24 VDC/3 to 7 W, LED lamp: Load current: 10 to 300 mA max., Leak current: 1 mA max. (To use an external indicator, an F39-JJ3N universal indicator cable or an F39-A01P[]-PAC dedicated external indicator kit is required.)
Output operation modeSafety output: Light-ON
Auxiliary output 1: Reverse output of safety output
Auxiliary output 2: Turns ON when the point of 30,000 operating hours is reached
External indicator output 1: Reverse output of safety output for a basic system, ON when muting/override for a muting system
External indicator output 2: ON when lock-out for a basic system, ON when muting/override for a muting system
Input voltage (ON voltage)RESET9 V to Vs (short circuit current: approx. 2.0 mA)
EDM9 V to Vs (short circuit current: approx. 3.5 mA)
TEST9 V to Vs (short circuit current: approx. 2.0 mA)
MUTE9 V to Vs (short circuit current: approx. 2.0 mA)
Interlock select9 V to Vs (short circuit current: approx. 2.0 mA)
Input voltage (OFF voltage)RESET0 to 1.5 V, or open
TEST0 to 1.5 V, or open
MUTE0 to 1.5 V, or open
Interlock select0 to 1.5 V, or open
Input voltage (Caption)The Vs indicates a supply voltage value in your environment
Protective CircuitPower supply reverse polarity protection
Insulation resistance20 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength1000 VAC 50/60 Hz for 1 min
Functional specificationMutual interference preventionInterference light prevention algorithm, sensing distance change function
Cascade connectionNumber of connections4 set max. (between F3SJ-Bs only)
Total number of beams400 axes max.
Cable length between sensors15 m max. (not including cascading cable (F39-JJR3W or F39-JJR□L) and power cable)
Safety-Related FunctionsStart interlock, restart interlock (Must be set with a setting tool when the muting function is used.)
Muting (Lamp burnout detection, override function included. F39-CN6 key cap for muting is required.)
Fixed blanking (must be set by a setting tool)
Floating blanking (must be set by a setting tool)
ConnectionsType of ConnectionM12 connectors: 8-pin
EnvironmentalAmbient temperature (Operating)-10 to 55 ℃(non-icing)
Ambient temperature (Storage)-30 to 70 ℃
Ambient humidity (Operating)35 to 85 %(non-condensing)
Ambient humidity (Storage)35 to 95 %
Ambient illuminanceIncandescent lamp: 3000 lx max.
Sunlight: 10000 lx max.
Degree of ProtectionIP65 (IEC60529)
Vibration resistance10 to 55 Hz, 0.7 mm double amplitude, for 20 sweeps each in X, Y and Z directions
Shock resistance100 m/s2, for 1000 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
MaterialsCase: Aluminum, Zinc diecast
Front window: PMMA resin (acrylic)
Caps: ABS resin
Cable: Oil resistant PVC
WeightMain Unit: Approx. 1.8 kg
Package: Approx. 3.1 kg
AccessoriesInstruction manual
Error mode label
Top/bottom mounting bracket (F39-LJ1)
Intermediate mounting bracket (1 set)
Quick Installation Manual (QIM)
ConformityConformed standardsPlease check the catalog for details.
Safety categorySafety purpose of category 4, 3, 2, 1, or B
Accessory (sold separately)CablesSingle ended cable: F39-JD3A, F39-JD7A, F39-JD10A, F39-JD15A, F39-JD20A
Double ended cable: F39-JDR5B, F39-JD1B, F39-JD3B, F39-JD5B, F39-JD7B, F39-JD10B, F39-JD15B, F39-JD20B
Power cable: F39-JJR3K
Cascading Cable: F39-JJR3W
Side-by-side Series connection cable: F39-JJR06L, F39-JJR15L
Cable for Reduce Wiring: F39-JD0303BA, F39-JD0307BA, F39-JD0310BA, F39-JD0503BA, F39-JD0507BA, F39-JD0510BA, F39-JD1003BA, F39-JD1007BA, F39-JD1010BA
General External Indicator Cable: F39-JJ3N
Reduced Wiring Connector: F39-CN5
Mounting BracketsStandard top/bottom mounting bracket (accessory): F39-LJ1
Flat side mounting bracket: F39-LJ2
Free-Location mounting bracket: F39-LJ3
F3SN Intermediate Bracket Replacement Spacers: F39-LJ3-SN
Top/bottom mounting bracket B: F39-LJ4
Bracket for replacing short-length F3SN: F39-LJ5
Space-saving mounting bracket: F39-LJ8
Mounting bracket used when replacing an F3W-C: F39-LJ9
Top/bottom mounting bracket C: F39-LJ11
Other accessorySafety relay: G7SA-2A2B, G7SA-3A1B, G7S-4A2B-E, G7S-3A3B-E
Connector Terminal Box/Muting Terminals: F39-TC5P01, F39-TC5P02
Laser Pointer: F39-PTJ
Dedicated External Indicator Set: F39-A01PR-PAC, F39-A01PG-PAC, F39-A01PY-PAC
Mirrors: F39-MLG0406, F39-MLG0610, F39-MLG0711, F39-MLG0914, F39-MLG1067, F39-MLG1219, F39-MLG1422, F39-MLG1626, F39-MLG1830, F39-MLG2134
Test Rod: F39-TRD30
End Cap: F39-CN9
Key Cap for Muting: F39-CN6
Setting Support Software for the F3SJ: F39-GWUM
Setting Console: F39-MC21
Control Unit: F3SP-B1P
Safety Terminal Relays: F3SP-T01


Safety Light Curtain

F3SJ Series