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Safety Light Curtain


Safety Light Curtain, Hand/arm protection, Protective Height 1120 mm, Detection capability 30 mm dia., NPN

Appication Hand/arm protection
Detection capability Opaque objects of 30 mm dia.
Number of beams 45 axis
Protective height 1120 mm

Item list of F3SJ Series

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AppicationHand/arm protection
Detection capabilitySensing objectOpaque objects
dia.30 mm dia.
Beam gap25 mm
Number of beams45 axis
Protective height1120 mm
Lens diameter5 mm dia.
Operating Range0.2 to 9 m
Response time (Normal mode)ON→OFF13 ms
OFF→ON52 ms
Light sourceInfrared LED (870 nm)
Startup waiting time2 s max. (2.2 s max. for cascade connection)
Electrical specificationPower supply voltage (Vs)24 VDC±20% Ripple 10% max.
Current consumptionReceiver: 68 mA max. (No load)
Emitter: 76 mA max. (No load)
Control output (OSSD)Two NPN transistor outputs
Load current: 300 mA max.
Residual voltage: 2 V max.
Capacitive load: 2.2 µF
Leakage current: 2 mA max.
Auxiliary output (non-safety output) One NPN transistor output
Load current: 300 mA max.
Residual voltage: 2 V max.
Leakage current: 1 mA max.
External indicator output (non-safety output)Available indicators: Incandescent lamp: 24 VDC/3 to 7 W, LED lamp: Load current: 10 to 300 mA max., Leak current: 1 mA max. (To use an external indicator, an F39-JJ3N universal indicator cable or an F39-A01P[]-PAC dedicated external indicator kit is required.)
Output operation modeSafety output: Light-ON
Auxiliary output 1: Reverse output of safety output
Auxiliary output 2: Turns ON when the point of 30,000 operating hours is reached
External indicator output 1: Reverse output of safety output for a basic system, ON when muting/override for a muting system
External indicator output 2: ON when lock-out for a basic system, ON when muting/override for a muting system
Input voltage (ON voltage)RESET0 to 1.5 V (short circuit current: approx. 1.5 mA)
EDM0 to 1.5 V (short circuit current: approx. 4.0 mA)
TEST0 to 1.5 V (short circuit current: approx. 1.5 mA)
MUTE0 to 1.5 V (short circuit current: approx. 1.5 mA)
Interlock select0 to 1.5 V (short circuit current: approx. 1.5 mA)
Input voltage (OFF voltage)RESET9 V to Vs, or open
TEST9 V to Vs, or open
MUTE9 V to Vs, or open
Interlock select9 V to Vs, or open
Input voltage (Caption)The Vs indicates a supply voltage value in your environment
Protective CircuitPower supply reverse polarity protection
Insulation resistance20 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength1000 VAC 50/60 Hz for 1 min
Functional specificationMutual interference preventionInterference light prevention algorithm, sensing distance change function
Cascade connectionNumber of connections4 set max. (between F3SJ-Bs only)
Total number of beams400 axes max.
Cable length between sensors15 m max. (not including cascading cable (F39-JJR3W or F39-JJR□L) and power cable)
Safety-Related FunctionsStart interlock, restart interlock (Must be set with a setting tool when the muting function is used.)
Muting (Lamp burnout detection, override function included. F39-CN6 key cap for muting is required.)
Fixed blanking (must be set by a setting tool)
Floating blanking (must be set by a setting tool)
ConnectionsType of ConnectionM12 connectors: 8-pin
EnvironmentalAmbient temperature (Operating)-10 to 55 ℃(non-icing)
Ambient temperature (Storage)-30 to 70 ℃
Ambient humidity (Operating)35 to 85 %(non-condensing)
Ambient humidity (Storage)35 to 95 %
Ambient illuminanceIncandescent lamp: 3000 lx max.
Sunlight: 10000 lx max.
Degree of ProtectionIP65 (IEC60529)
Vibration resistance10 to 55 Hz, 0.7 mm double amplitude, for 20 sweeps each in X, Y and Z directions
Shock resistance100 m/s2, for 1000 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
MaterialsCase: Aluminum, Zinc diecast
Front window: PMMA resin (acrylic)
Caps: ABS resin
Cable: Oil resistant PVC
WeightMain Unit: Approx. 1.8 kg
Package: Approx. 3.2 kg
AccessoriesInstruction manual
Error mode label
Top/bottom mounting bracket (F39-LJ1)
Intermediate mounting bracket (1 set)
Quick Installation Manual (QIM)
ConformityConformed standardsPlease check the catalog for details.
Safety categorySafety purpose of category 4, 3, 2, 1, or B
Accessory (sold separately)CablesSingle ended cable: F39-JD3A, F39-JD7A, F39-JD10A, F39-JD15A, F39-JD20A
Double ended cable: F39-JDR5B, F39-JD1B, F39-JD3B, F39-JD5B, F39-JD7B, F39-JD10B, F39-JD15B, F39-JD20B
Power cable: F39-JJR3K
Cascading Cable: F39-JJR3W
Side-by-side Series connection cable: F39-JJR06L, F39-JJR15L
Cable for Reduce Wiring: F39-JD0303BA, F39-JD0307BA, F39-JD0310BA, F39-JD0503BA, F39-JD0507BA, F39-JD0510BA, F39-JD1003BA, F39-JD1007BA, F39-JD1010BA
General External Indicator Cable: F39-JJ3N
Reduced Wiring Connector: F39-CN5
Mounting BracketsStandard top/bottom mounting bracket (accessory): F39-LJ1
Flat side mounting bracket: F39-LJ2
Free-Location mounting bracket: F39-LJ3
F3SN Intermediate Bracket Replacement Spacers: F39-LJ3-SN
Top/bottom mounting bracket B: F39-LJ4
Bracket for replacing short-length F3SN: F39-LJ5
Space-saving mounting bracket: F39-LJ8
Mounting bracket used when replacing an F3W-C: F39-LJ9
Top/bottom mounting bracket C: F39-LJ11
Other accessorySafety relay: G7SA-2A2B, G7SA-3A1B, G7S-4A2B-E, G7S-3A3B-E
Connector Terminal Box/Muting Terminals: F39-TC5P01, F39-TC5P02
Laser Pointer: F39-PTJ
Dedicated External Indicator Set: F39-A01PR-PAC, F39-A01PG-PAC, F39-A01PY-PAC
Mirrors: F39-MLG0406, F39-MLG0610, F39-MLG0711, F39-MLG0914, F39-MLG1067, F39-MLG1219, F39-MLG1422, F39-MLG1626, F39-MLG1830, F39-MLG2134
Test Rod: F39-TRD30
End Cap: F39-CN9
Key Cap for Muting: F39-CN6
Setting Support Software for the F3SJ: F39-GWUM
Setting Console: F39-MC21


Safety Light Curtain

F3SJ Series