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NE1A/NE0A-series Safety Network Controllers

Build scalable DeviceNet safety control systems for distributed safety applications.

NE1A/NE0A-series Safety Network Controllers List

There are 6 products of NE1A/NE0A-series Safety Network Controllers.

NE1A-SCPU Series Safety Network Controller NE1A-SCPU Series

Achieve Safety Control through Programming.

NE1A-SCPU0[]-EIP Safety Network Controller NE1A-SCPU0[]-EIP

Visualizes the Safety System by Directly Connecting EtherNet/IP of the SYSMAC CS/CJ Series

NE0A-SCPU01 Safety Network Controller NE0A-SCPU01

New Lineup for Safety Applications with Up to 12 Inputs

DST1 Series Safety I/O Terminals DST1 Series

Distributed Safety Terminals That Reduce Wiring.

NE1A-EDR01 EtherNet/IP-DeviceNet Router NE1A-EDR01

Allows a safety system to be monitored from Ethernet.

WS02-CFSC1-E Network Configurator WS02-CFSC1-E

Programming Software for Creating Safety Circuits.