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WS02-CFDC1, 3G8E2-DRM21-V1

DeviceNet Configurator

WS02-CFDC1, 3G8E2-DRM21-V1

Easily Build and Maintain Multi-vendor DeviceNet Networks.


Basic Functions Virtual network management, device settings (I/O allocations, connection settings), device monitoring,
device (EDS file) management, and online connections to DeviceNet devices
Created Files Configurator network configuration files (*.npf)
Configurator device parameter files (*.pvf)
Files created by
exporting data
I/O comments: CSV-format files (*.csv)
NetXServer DDE settings file (*.nxd)
NetXServer ONC settings files (*.ini)
ONC DRM Unit settings files (*.ini)

System Requirements

CPU Processor recommended by Microsoft.
OS Windows 2000 (ServicePack2 or higher)/XP/Vista/7 (32bit)

Hardware for Network Connection

Either of the following software applications is required to connect online to DeviceNet devices.

OMRON DeviceNet Board Special PCI Board: 3G8F7-DRM21
Special PC Card: 3G8E2-DRM21-V1
OMRON CS/CJ-series PLC equipped with
DeviceNet Unit
Peripheral port *1
Serial communications port or Serial Communications Unit *1
Ethernet Unit *2

*1: An RS-232C COM port is required on the computer.
*2: An Ethernet port is required on the computer.