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Small Safety Limit Switch


Ultra-Small Safety Limit Switch

Safety Limit Switches (with Direct Opening Mechanism)

Consult with your OMRON representative when ordering any models that are not listed in this table.

Actuator Cable length Pull-outing
direction of cable
Built-in switch
Model Model Model Model
Roller lever
(Metal lever, resin roller)
1 m Horizontal D4F-120-1R D4F-220-1R D4F-320-1R D4F-420-1R
Vertical D4F-120-1D D4F-220-1D D4F-320-1D D4F-420-1D
3 m Horizontal D4F-120-3R D4F-220-3R D4F-320-3R D4F-420-3R
Vertical D4F-120-3D D4F-220-3D D4F-320-3D D4F-420-3D
5 m Horizontal D4F-120-5R D4F-220-5R D4F-320-5R D4F-420-5R
Vertical D4F-120-5D D4F-220-5D D4F-320-5D D4F-420-5D
Roller plunger
(Metal roller)
1 m Horizontal D4F-102-1R D4F-202-1R D4F-302-1R D4F-402-1R
Vertical D4F-102-1D D4F-202-1D D4F-302-1D D4F-402-1D
3 m Horizontal D4F-102-3R D4F-202-3R D4F-302-3R D4F-402-3R
Vertical D4F-102-3D D4F-202-3D D4F-302-3D D4F-402-3D
5 m Horizontal D4F-102-5R D4F-202-5R D4F-302-5R D4F-402-5R
Vertical D4F-102-5D D4F-202-5D D4F-302-5D D4F-402-5D