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DRT2-AD04(H) / DA02

Analog I/O Terminals

DRT2-AD04(H) / DA02

Performs Calculations on Analog Values within the Slave Itself. Also Provides High Resolution at 1/30,000 (Full Scale) and Support for a Wide Variety of Data Sampling.

• Equipped with the standard Smart Slave functions that provide powerful preventative maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities. 

• Sampling data can be analyzed internally to provide a low-cost scheduler function. 

• Equipped with functions such as the scaling function, peak/bottom hold; top/valley hold; comparator function, cumulative counter, and derivative calculation function. 

• Two I/O points can be allocated to any two of the following values: analog input, peak/bottom, top, valley, or rate-of-change. Values without an allocated I/O point can be read with message communications.