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Rotary Pulse Indicator


Digital Rotary Pulse Meter Capable of 50 kHz Measurements

• Visual confirmation of judgement results through display colors that switch between red and green. *1

• Measures High-speed Pulses at 50 kHz.
Provides high-speed pulse measurements up to 50 kHz of rotary encoder or ON/OFF pulse signals and can perform rotating measurement of high-speed rotating objects.

Note: No-voltage contacts of up to 30 Hz are supported.

• Six Measurement Operations Including Rotation (rpm)/Circumferential Speed, Ratio, and Cumulative
One Rotary Pulse Meter has 6 rotary pulse measurement functions to support a variety of pulse measurement applications. Select the best function for your application from the following: Rotation (rpm)/circumferential speed/instantaneous flowrate (value proportional to frequency), absolute ratio, error ratio, error, flow rate ratio, and passing speed (value inversely proportional to frequency).

• DeviceNet models added to the series. *2

*1 Visual confirmation of judgement results is not supported on models that do not have an output or models that do not
      support DeviceNet.
      You can change the display color by setting it, but you cannot switch it based on the judgement results.
*2 DeviceNet models have a depth of 97 mm.