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SYSMAC CS-series Analog I/O Unit


For Various Analog I/Os

Item CS1W-DA041 CS1W-DA08V CS1W-DA08C
Applicable PLC model CS series
Unit type CS1 Special I/O Unit
Isolation *1 Between I/O and PLC signals: Photocoupler
(No isolation between individual I/O signals.)
External terminals 21-point detachable terminal block (M3 screws)
Power consumption 130 mA max. at 5 VDC,
180 mA max. at 26 VDC
130 mA max. at 5 VDC,
180 mA max. at 26 VDC
130 mA max. at 5 VDC,
250 mA max. at 26 VDC
Dimensions (mm) *2 35 × 130 × 126 (W × H × D)
Weight 450 g max.
General specifications Conforms to general specifications for SYSMAC CS-series Series.
Mounting position CS-series CPU Rack or CS-series Expansion Rack
(Cannot be mounted to a C200H Expansion I/O Rack or a SYSMAC BUS Slave Rack.)
Maximum number of Units Depends on the Power Supply Unit. *3
Data exchange with CPU Units *4 Special I/O Unit Area
CIO 200000 to CIO 295915 (Words CIO 2000 to CIO 2959)
Internal Special I/O Unit DM Area (D20000 to D29599)
Number of analog outputs 4 8 8
Output signal ranges *5 1 to 5 V/4 to 20 mA
0 to 5 V
0 to 10 V
- 10 to 10V
1 to 5 V
0 to 5 V
0 to 10 V
- 10 to 10 V
4 to 20 mA
Output impedance 0.5 Ω max. (for voltage output)
Max. output current
(for 1 point)
12 mA (for voltage output)
Maximum permissible
load resistance
600 Ω (current output) *9 --- 600 Ω (current output) *8
Resolution 4,000 (full scale)
Set data 16-bit binary data
Accuracy *6 23 ± 2 ° C: Voltage output: ± 0.3% of full scale
Current output: ± 0.5% of full scale
0 ° C to 55 ° C: Voltage output: ± 0.5% of full scale
Current output: ± 0.8% of full scale
D/A conversion time *7 1.0 ms/point max.
Output hold function Outputs the specified output status (CLR, HOLD, or MAX) under any of the following
When the Conversion Enable Bit is OFF. *8
In adjustment mode, when a value other than the output number is output during
When there is an output setting error or a fatal error occurs at the PLC.
When the CPU Unit is on standby.
When the Load is OFF.

*1. Do not apply a voltage higher than 600 V to the terminal block when performing withstand voltage test on this Unit.
*2. Refer to Dimensions for details on the Unit's dimensions.
*3. Maximum Number of Units

Power Supply Unit CS1W-DA041/08V CS1W-DA08C
3 Units max. 2 Units max.
C200HW-PA209R 7 Units max. 5 Units max.

        The maximum number of Units that can be mounted to one Rack varies depending on the current consumption of
        the other Units mounted to the Rack and may be less than the number shown in the above table.
*4. Data Exchange with CPU Units

Special I/O Unit Area
CIO 200000 to CIO 295915
(Words CIO 2000 to CIO 2959)
Exchanges 10 words of data per Unit. CPU Unit to Analog
Output Unit
Analog output setting data
Conversion Enable Bit
Analog Output Unit
to CPU Unit
Alarm flags
Internal Special I/O Unit DM
Area (D20000 to D29599)
Transmits 100 words of data per Unit
at power-up or when the Unit is
CPU Unit to Analog
Output Unit
Output signal conversion enable/disable,
output signal range setting
Output status for output hold

*5. Output signal ranges can be set for each output.
*6. The accuracy is given for full scale. For example, an accuracy of ±0.3% means a maximum error of ±12 (BCD).
*7. D/A conversion time is the time required for converting and outputting the PLC data. It takes at least one cycle for
       the data stored in the PLC to be read by the Analog Output Unit.
*8. When the operation mode for the CPU Unit is changed from RUN mode or MONITOR mode to PROGRAM mode, or
       when the power is turned ON, the Output Conversion Enable Bit will turn OFF. The output status specified according
       to the output hold function will be output.
*9. The load resistance is adjusted to 250 Ω at the factory. Always adjust the offset gain before application when the load
       resistance is not 250 Ω.
       The CS1W-DA041 is adjusted for current outputs (load resistance: 250 Ω) at the factory. Adjust the offset gain before
       application when using voltage outputs.