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Temperature Controller


DIN-sized (48 x 48 mm) Temperature Controller with Analog Setting

(Unit: mm)


E5C2 Dimensions 1

Dimensions with Flush-mounting Adapter (Accessory),
and Back Connecting Socket (Sold Separately)

E5C2 Dimensions 2

Accessories (Order Separately)

Connection Sockets

P2CF-08 Front Connecting Socket

E5C2 Dimensions 5

P3G-08 Back Connecting Socket (for Flush Mounting)

E5C2 Dimensions 6

Hard Protective Cover

A Hard Protective Cover (Y92A-48B) is available. It can be used in the following cases.
• To protect the setting section, against dust and dirt
• To prevent accidently changing settings by touching the front of the Controller.
• To protect the Controller from water drips

E5C2 Dimensions 7

Applicable Thermistor

Connect a Thermistor with a replaceable element (E52-THE5A, E52-THE6D, or E52-THE6F) to the E5C2-R20G.