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SYSMAC CS-series Ethernet Unit


Organically Connect the Production Site and Management

Ethernet Units Specifications

Item Specifications
Model number CS1W-ETN21
Type 100Base-TX (Can be used as 10Base-T)
Applicable PLCs CS-series PLCs
Unit classification CS-series CPU Bus Unit
Mounting location CPU Rack or Expansion Rack
Number of Units that can be mounted 4 max. (including Expansion Racks)
Media access method CSMA/CD
Modulation method Baseband
Transmission paths Star form
Baud rate 100 Mbit/s (100Base-TX) 10 Mbit/s (10Base-TX)
Transmission media Unshielded twisted-pair (UDP) cable
Categories: 5, 5e
Shielded twisted-pair (STP) cable
Categories: 100 Ω at 5, 5e
Unshielded twisted-pair (UDP) cable
Categories: 3, 4, 5, 5e
Shielded twisted-pair (STP) cable
Categories: 100 Ω at 3, 4, 5, 5e
Transmission distance 100 m (distance between hub and node)
Number of cascade connections No restrictions if switching hubs are used.
Current consumption (Unit) 380 mA max. at 5 V DC
Weight 200 g max.
Dimensions 35 × 130 × 101 mm (W × H × D)
Other general specifications Other specifications conform to the general specifications of the CS-series.