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Modular Temperature Controller


Implement a Multi-Point Control System Easily with Space Saving and Wire Saving by Connecting Modules

• Up to 64 4-channel and 2-channel units can be connected.

• Environmentally friendly with power consumption reduced by 40%. *2

• Includes an disturbance overshoot adjustment function capable of improving the temperature fluctuation range.

• Communication connection with highly accurate and versatile single-phase power controllers (G3PW/up to 8 units) is possible.

• Communication connection with achievement of high-precision control with low noise through multi-channel power controllers with optimal cycle control (G3ZA, up to 8 units) is possible.

• Autotuning (AT) can be used for independent heating/cooling PID control.

*2. Compared to the previous models produced in or before November 2022 (V1.2 or earlier)