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E2EC-M / -Q

Stainless Steel Sensing Surface Amplifier Proximity Sensor

E2EC-M / -Q

Improved Durability with Stainless Steel Sensing Head


Appearance Sensing distance Output configuration Model
Operation mode: NO

When mounting to
an iron surface
8 dia. 2 mm DC 3-wire PNP E2EC-MC2B1 2M
DC 2-wire (polarity) E2EC-MC2D1 2M
DC 2-wire (no polarity)
(3)-(4) pin arrangement
E2EC-QC2D1-M1GJ-T 0.3M

Accessories (Order Separately)

Sensor I/O Connector

Models with Pre-wired Connectors: A Connector is not provided with the Sensor. Be sure to order a Connector separately.

Appearance Cable length Sensor I/O Connector model Applicable Proximity Sensors
2 m XS2F-D421-DD0 E2EC-QC2D1-M1GJ-T
5 m XS2F-D421-GD0
2 m XS2F-D422-DD0
5 m XS2F-D422-GD0

Note: The Sensor I/O Connector models in the previous table are for standard cables. Be sure to use a heat-resistant
           cable (XS2F-D42[]-[]80F) when using the Sensor in environments susceptible to spatter.