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Smart Sensor Wide Laser Beam Measurement Sensor (Line Imaging Device Type)


Achieves Micron Accuracy with Longest-in-Class Sensing Distance

New Standards for Dimension Measurement

ZX-GT Features 1

[Maximum 500-mm area]
Measurable at any position

The usual limitations, such as the 'measurement area being confined to the center' or 'large errors due to positioning', that used to plague laser measuring sensors have now been overcome. Measurements can be consistently taken within a 500 mm area, whatever stage the work is at or whichever way it is inserted. It can now be set to positions without interference from the work feed and without limitations of size of work area.

ZX-GT Features 3

10-μm by non-contact method

ZX-GT is the only sensor with the ability to measure and locate position to an accuracy of 10 μm without contact. Unlike conventional through-beam laser sensors, the ZX-GT’s unique algorithm has the flexibility to meet a wide variety of applications, including the ability to accurately measure glass and mirror surfaces.

1/7 in speed compared with conventional products

ZX-GT Features 5

With OMRONS unique TRIO (Triple parallel processing) algorithm, it is possible to take 2000 high-speed samples per second, 7 times greater than previously possible, greatly reducing tact time.

Compact like palm-top

ZX-GT Features 6

The controller, a continuation of the ZX series, is the smallest in its class. Combined with its compact sensor head, it is ideal for integration into various equipments.

Cutting-edge laser technology

Strong temperature compensation

ZX-GT Features 8

It is important to eliminate the influence of temperature to ensure the accuracy of a measurement. However, the temperature in the field environment changes according to the time and the season. With the ZX-GT, which employs Imaging Device method, the influence on the resolution from temperature changes is greatly reduced leading to an error rate as low as 0.01% (2.8 micro-meters *).
* This is a representative case. Please see the specifications table for the details of the relevant conditions.

Dedicated glass-detection function [Integrated MRC filter] [Patented]*1

The detection of edges has been a problem for transparent objects with traditional transmission type sensors. However, ZX-GT adopts OMRON's unique MRC filter (Mirror Reflection Cut Filter) and Imaging Device methodology. It can accurately detect work that reflects light such as mirror-finished surface or work that allows light to pass through such as glass (including coated glass).
* MRC Filter:OMRON's proprietary optical filter.

ZX-GT Features 10

*1. “Patented” means that we obtained a patent in Japan. (As of February 2021)

Longer, but Easy-to-use

"Smart Recipe"

Using the PC software 'Smart-monitor GT', set up is easy with simply clicking the icons. This is OMRON's Smart Recipe methodology.

ZX-GT Features 12

Strong support tool

The measurement data is gathered in the PCs in real time so it is easy to ascertain and analyse the current conditions at any time.

ZX-GT Features 13

3-way optical axis adjustment [Patented]*1

Three optical axis adjustment functions are integrated for the industry's longest measurement. This function provides the optimal adjustment when the sensor head is installed on-site.

ZX-GT Features 14

30-m cable extension

The emitter and receiver do not need to be connected with each other. Each cable can be extended up to 30 m. It is perfectly suited for installation into large-scale production line.

ZX-GT Features 16

*1. “Patented” means that we obtained a patent in Japan. (As of February 2021)