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Cam Positioner


This Compact Cam Positioner, Popular for Its Ease-of-use, Now Comes with Even Better Functions.

(Unit: mm)

Main Unit

Cam Positioners

Flush Mounting Models

H8PS-8B[] (8-output Models)

H8PS Dimensions 4

H8PS-16B[] (16-output Models)
H8PS-32B[] (32-output Models)

H8PS Dimensions 5

Panel Cutout (according to DIN 43700)

H8PS Dimensions 6

Note: Mounting panel thickness must be 1 to 5 mm.

Flush mounting

H8PS Dimensions 7

Note: An 8-output Model is shown in the above diagrams. The Encoder is connected from the bottom with 16-/32-output

Surface Mounting Models

H8PS-8BF[] (8-output Models)

H8PS Dimensions 9

H8PS-16BF[] (16-output Models)
H8PS-32BF[] (32-output Models)

H8PS Dimensions 10

Mounting holes

H8PS Dimensions 11
H8PS Dimensions 12

Note: 1. These dimensions vary with the kind of DIN track (reference value).
           2. An 8-output Model is shown in the above diagrams. The Encoder is connected from the bottom with 16-/32-
                output Models.

Accessories (Order Separately)

Parallel Input Adapters


This Adapter enables two H8PS Cam Positioners to share signals from an Encoder.
Note: H8PS has been improved in 2004 April.
           Do not mix old and new model with Y92C-30.
           When you use 2 x H8PS, please use by "Old & Old" or "New & New" models.

H8PS Dimensions 15

Use the cable marked with a triangle when connecting only one H8PS Cam Positioner to the Parallel Input Adapter.

H8PS Dimensions 16

Panel Surface Mounting

H8PS Dimensions 17

Panel Back Mounting

H8PS Dimensions 18

Watertight Cover


H8PS Dimensions 20

Use for flush mounting when waterproofing is required. The Y96A-96N conforms to IP66 and NEMA4 (for indoor use) standards for waterproofing.
The operating environment may cause the waterproof packing to deteriorate, shrink, or harden.
Therefore, it is recommended that the packing be replaced regularly.

Mounting Track


H8PS Dimensions 22

* The numbers in parentheses () are dimensions for the PFP-50N.


H8PS Dimensions 23

End Plate


H8PS Dimensions 25



H8PS Dimensions 27