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F03-05, PH-1 / -2

Electrode Bands / Underwater Electrode

F03-05, PH-1 / -2

Easy Mounting and Removal. Ideal for Applications in Deep Wells.

Electrode Bands

Electrode Band
F03-05 3P for 3-pole F03-05 4P for 4-pole F03-05 5P for 5-pole
Model Model Model
1 M F03-05 3P 1M F03-05 4P 1M F03-05 5P 1M
2 M F03-05 3P 2M F03-05 4P 2M F03-05 5P 2M
5 M F03-05 3P 5M F03-05 4P 5M F03-05 5P 5M
10 M F03-05 3P 10M F03-05 4P 10M F03-05 5P 10M
15 M F03-05 3P 15M F03-05 4P 15M F03-05 5P 15M
20 M F03-05 3P 20M F03-05 4P 20M F03-05 5P 20M
25 M F03-05 3P 25M F03-05 4P 25M F03-05 5P 25M
30 M F03-05 3P 30M F03-05 4P 30M F03-05 5P 30M
40 M F03-05 3P 40M F03-05 4P 40M F03-05 5P 40M
50 M F03-05 3P 50M F03-05 4P 50M F03-05 5P 50M
100 M F03-05 3P 100M F03-05 4P 100M F03-05 5P 100M

Note: 1. Specify the cable length for F03-05 from the list above.
         2. The cables can be cut.

Electrode Band Accessories (Order Separately)

Product Model
Electrode Band Connecting Nut F03-06
Electrode Band Weight F03-07
Electrode Band End Cap F03-08
Electrode Band Insulation Cap F03-09
Electrode Band Adhesive F03-10

Underwater Electrodes

Cable length PH-1 Vinyl cable (single pole) PH-2 Vinyl cable (double pole)
Model Model
10 M PH-1 CODE 10M PH-2 CODE 10M
15 M PH-1 CODE 15M PH-2 CODE 15M
20 M PH-1 CODE 20M PH-2 CODE 20M
30 M PH-1 CODE 30M PH-2 CODE 30M
40 M PH-1 CODE 40M PH-2 CODE 40M
50 M PH-1 CODE 50M PH-2 CODE 50M
60 M PH-1 CODE 60M PH-2 CODE 60M
70 M PH-1 CODE 70M PH-2 CODE 70M
80 M PH-1 CODE 80M PH-2 CODE 80M
90 M PH-1 CODE 90M PH-2 CODE 90M
100 M PH-1 CODE 100M PH-2 CODE 100M

Note: 1. Specify the cable length for PH-1 and PH-2 from the list above.
         2. The cables can be cut.