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Smart Power Monitor


Power and current can be measured simultaneously. Measurement of generated power (regenerative power), leading reactive power, lagging reactive power, and consumed power. Low Cost Power Monitor.

(Unit: mm)

Smart Power Monitor


KM50-C Dimensions 2

Panel Mounting Dimensions

KM50-C Dimensions 3

  • Use M3.5 crimp terminals.
  • The mounting panel must be 1 to 5mm thick.
  • When mounting KM50-C Power Monitors side by side, provide sufficient space between them.
  • Reference separation: 60 mm (top, bottom, left, and right)
  • Make sure that the rated ambient temperature of the KM50-C Power Monitor is not exceeded when more than one Power Monitor is mounted.



KM50-C Dimensions 5


KM50-C Dimensions 6


KM50-C Dimensions 7


KM50-C Dimensions 8


KM50-C Dimensions 9

KM20-CTF-CB3 (Special CT Cable)

KM50-C Dimensions 10

Special CTs and CT Cable

  • Use only the CTs and CT Cable specified by OMRON.
  • If any other CTs or CT Cables are used, normal measurements will not be possible.
  • The Special CTs have polarity.
    Connect the Special CT correctly, connecting the 1S or 3S terminal on the Power Monitor to the k terminal on the CT and the 1L or 3L terminal on the Power Monitor to the l terminal on the CT.
  • Do not ground the Special CTs. Failure may occur.

Special CTs for the KM20-B40 and KM20-B40-FLK

Rated primary current of 5 A: KM20-CTF-5A
Rated primary current of 50 A: KM20-CTF-50A
Rated primary current of 100 A: KM20-CTF-100A
Rated primary current of 200 A: KM20-CTF-200A
Rated primary current of 400 A: KM20-CTF-400A
Rated primary current of 600 A: KM20-CTF-600A

KM20-CTF-series CT Cable

KM20-CTF-CB3 (3 m)

Optional Accessories

Mounting Bracket


KM50-C Dimensions 16


KM50-C Dimensions 17


KM50-C Dimensions 18