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Smart Power Monitor


Power and current can be measured simultaneously. Measurement of generated power (regenerative power), leading reactive power, lagging reactive power, and consumed power. High-performance Power Monitor.

KM50-E Smart Power Monitor

Model Applicable circuits Power
Dimensions Commu-
KM50-E1-FLK Single-phase, 2-wire: 100 to 480 VAC
Single-phase, 3-wire: 100/200 VAC
Three-phase, 3-wire: 100 to 480 VAC
Three-phase, 4-wire: 85 to 277 VAC
100 to
240 VAC
96 × 48 × 93
(H × W × D)
RS-485 CompoWay/F: 31
nodes, Modbus: 99
nodes (Both are
supported by the
same model.)


These CTs must be used with the KM50/KM20-B40/-FLK. Do not use them with any other products.

Model Rated primary current Rated secondary current Installation
KM20-CTF-5A 5 A Special output Installed separately
KM20-CTF-50A 50 A
KM20-CTF-100A 100 A
KM20-CTF-200A 200 A
KM20-CTF-400A 400 A
KM20-CTF-600A 600 A

Note: CT Cables are not included with the CTs.

CT Cable

Model Cable length
KM20-CTF-CB3 3 m

Note: Either use the CT Cable specified by OMRON or use 1.25-B3A crimp terminals and AWG22 wire from J.S.T. Mfg.
           Co., Ltd.

Mounting Brackets (for DIN Track or Magnet Mounting)

Model Specification
KM50-OPT-ED1 * DIN Track mounting
KM50-OPT-EM1 * Magnet mounting

* You can mount one KM50-E or two KM50-C Power Monitors.