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Z / A / X / DZ Common Accessories

Z/A/X/DZ Common Accessories

Z / A / X / DZ Common Accessories

Terminal Covers, Separator, Actuators

Common to Z, A, X, and DZ Models

Terminal Covers

The Terminal Covers can be attached to Z, A, X, and DZ Switches.
The Terminal Cover is secured with mounting screws and protects the casing and terminal wires from dust, vibration, or fingers, thus preventing terminal short-circuiting, ground faults, wire disconnection or improper connection, and electric shock accidents.
Terminal Covers made of phenol resin have five or six thin wall sections. These sections can be
torn open for providing holes for lead cables at desired points.
A terminal cover can’t be used in the case of using an actuator sold separately.


Use a Separator when it is difficult to provide a sufficient insulation distance or when using the Switch near metal parts or copper wires.

Common to Z, X, and DZ Models


A Switch can be actuated by a cam or an appropriate object, in which case, use one of the following Actuators according to the application.