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NJ-Series NJ301 CPU Units


Controller that covers functions and high-speed processing required for machine control and safety, reliability and maintainability that are he features of industrial controllers Ideal for small-scale control with up to 8 axes

• Integration of Logic and Motion in one CPU.

• Conforms to IEC 61131-3 (JIS B 3503) standard programming and PLCopen function blocks for Motion Control.

 Programming with variables allows users to create complex programs efficiently.

• Fast and accurate control by synchronizing all EtherCAT devices, such as vision sensors, servo drives, and field devices, with the PLC and Motion Engines.

• Offers speed without compromising on reliability and robustness expected from PLCs.

• Complete RAS functions: Transmission frame error check, timeout, bus diagnosis, Watchdog (WDT), memory check, and topology check, etc.

• Ideal for small-scale control with up to 8 axes.

• Linear and circular interpolation.

• Electronic gear and cam synchronization.