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NJ-Series NJ301 CPU Units


New controller that covers functions and high-speed processing required for machine control and safety, reliability and maintainability that are he features of industrial controllers Ideal for small-scale control with up to 8 axes

The user program including the double precision floating point arithmetic instruction that is necessary for the coordinates correction, ST language and Function Blocks is executed fast, as well as the basic instructions and the special instructions.

Integration of Logic and Motion in one CPU

Synchronous control of all machine network devices : vision sensors, servo drives and field devices with the machine control network, EtherCAT.
Synchronize the PLC Engine and the Motion Engine with the EtherCAT control period. Fast and highly-accurate control is possible.

Standard programming : Conforms IEC 61131-3 standards and JIS B 3503, variable-based instructions including the PLCopen® Motion function blocks

Complete and robust machine automation: fast control performance and basic functions and reliability of industrial
• Fan-free operation in ambient temperature between 0 to 55°C
• Complete RAS functions: Transmission frame error check, timeout, bus diagnosis, Watchdog (WDT), memory check,
    and topology check, etc.

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