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NX-series SSI Input Unit


Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) to connect external axes to the Sysmac system

• SSI clock frequency up to 2 MHz

• High-speed remote I/O control with communications cycle as fast as 125 μs*1

• Free-run refreshing, synchronous I/O refreshing, or task period prioritized refreshing*2 with the NX1P2 CPU Unit or EtherCAT Coupler Unit

• The MC Function Modules of the NJ/NX/NY5 Controllers allows the encoder to be used as a motion axis

• Choice of SSI Coding Methods (No conversion, binary code, or gray code)

• Time Stamping

• Multi-turn and single-turn encoders supported

• Data Refresh Status (Data refreshing can be checked on the host controller.)

• Maximum connecting SSI cable length: 400 m

• Connect to the CJ PLC using the EtherNet/IPTM bus coupler

*1. When using the NX-EC01[][] together with the NX701-[][][][] and NX-ECC203.
*2. Task Period Prioritized refreshing is available when the NX-ECC203 is used together.

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