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Multiple Limit Switch


A New Monoblock Multiple Limit Switch Incorporating a Head Box with a Tough Head and Ensuring High Sealing Performance and a Mechanical Durability of 5,000,000 Operations

Shape of box With flange
Without flange
Conduit Model
Roller plunger
(with a 6.8-dia. roller)
Two on the side VB-2211 VB-2241
VB-3211 VB-3241
VB-4211 VB-4241
VB-5211 VB-5241
VB-6211 VB-6241
Four VB-2221 VB-2251
VB-3221 VB-3251
VB-4221 VB-4251
VB-5221 VB-5251
VB-6221 VB-6251
Bevel plunger
Two on the side VB-2111 VB-2141
VB-3111 VB-3141
VB-4111 VB-4141
VB-5111 VB-5141
VB-6111 ---
Four VB-2121 VB-2151
VB-3121 VB-3151
VB-4121 VB-4151
VB-5121 ---
VB-6121 ---

Note: 1. Other than the above models, minute load models switching 0.1 A are available. When ordering a minute load
              model, add the suffix A to the model number (i.e., VB-2211A for example).
           2. SC connectors can be connected to VB models.
           3. Models with ground terminals are also available. When ordering a ground terminal model, add the suffix E to the
                model number (i.e., VB-2211E for example).
* Since the actuator is incorporated into the monoblock switch, the actuator cannot be replaced.

Replaceable Switch Unit

Rating Model
Standard load model VB-S101N