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Sysmac Library


The Sysmac Library for the NJ/NX/NY Controller provides Function Blocks packed with know-how that makes advanced control easy.

Sysmac Library downloads

You can download the Sysmac Library for the NJ/NX/NY Controller that provides Function Blocks.

Various software components help reduce programming time

SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 1

The Sysmac Library is a collection of software functional components that can be used in programs for the NJ/NX Machine Automation Controllers or Industrial PC Platform NY IPC Machine Controller.
Packed with Omron’s rich technical know-how on control programs, the Sysmac Library makes advanced control easy. Install the Sysmac Library to use it in the Sysmac Studio.

Components for various devices

Omron offers Function Blocks for a wide range of applications: advanced control such as vibration suppression and temperature control, motion control such as PID feedforward, and connection to servo drives or sensors.

SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 3

Note. For controllers and versions that can be used for the Sysmac Library, refer to the Version Information.

SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 4

[To production engineers]
Advanced control

Vibration suppression

Vibration suppression during and after high-speed material handling prevents vibration, slides, and spilling, significantly reducing machine cycle time.

SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 5

Temperature control

In-furnace temperature variations can be reduced (temperature uniformity control), and the temperature can be distributed unevenly (temperature gradient control). A rapid increase in the temperature (rapid temperature increase) without overshooting stabilizes quality and reduces cycle time.

SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 6
SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 7

[To production engineers]
Various motion control

Easy access to connected devices

Integration of the controller, EtherCAT, and Sysmac Library makes various motion control possible.

SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 8
SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 9

[To maintenance engineers]
Productivity improvement

Device operation monitoring

You can easily monitor devices such as air cylinders, sensors, and servo systems that often cause intermittent stoppages. Detecting deterioration over time or errors of devices prevents machines from stopping suddenly in advance, improving operating efficiency. The status of devices before and after the occurrence of an error can be stored on an SD memory card. This allows you to identify the cause of the error.

SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 10

Reduction of setup, changeover, and maintenance times

Function Blocks facilitate the connection of devices to the controller and provide Backup and Restoration functions for quick setting change and recovery.

SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 11

Easy-to-obtain Library

The Sysmac Library is freely available to download from Omron website.
These software components can be used for the NJ/NX/NY Controller without debugging.

SYSMAC-XR[][][] Features 12

Download from

High quality products with reliable global support

With our worldwide network for support, Omron will support you to meet your control requirements and solve your problems by using the Sysmac Library.
We will provide technical support even after the shipment of your products using the Sysmac Library

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