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LVS-9580 Series

Code Verification System

LVS-9580 Series

Portable Barcode Verification System

Code Verification Systems

Type Model
LVS-9580 Handheld 1D & 2D Barcode Verification 9580-C-3
LVS-9580 Handheld 1D, 2D & DPM Barcode Verification 9580-DPM
LVS-9580 Handheld 1D, 2D & DPM Barcode Verification, High Resolution 9580-DPM-HD


Type Model
EAN / UPC Calibrated Conformance Test Card 98-CAL020
GS1-128 Calibrated Conformance Test Card 98-CAL021
Data Matrix Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Card (for 9580-DPM-HD) 98-CAL022
LVS-9510 and LVS-958£ Software Upgrade Option: Multi-Sector Verification 98-SOF0039
LVS-95££ Software Upgrade Option: Automatic Login Feature 98-SOF0056
Software Upgrade Option: EAIV (Enhanced Application Identifier Verification) 98-SOF0088
LVS-9580 Upgrade (1D / 2D to DPM) 98-SOF0095
LVS-95££ IQ-OQ Validation Procedure Guidelines, v. 4.3 and later (includes text cards) 98-LVS0077
Validation Test Cards (35 test cards) 98-LVS-VTC