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Built-in Power Supply Photoelectric Sensor


Model Contribute to Overall Cost Reduction

(Unit: mm)

Tolerance class IT16 applies to dimensions in this datasheet unless otherwise specified.


E3JM-10[]4(T)-N *

E3JM Dimensions 3

Note: The operating mode switch and timer mode switch are located inside the cover.


E3JM Dimensions 4

Note: The operating mode switch, timer mode switch, and sensitivity adjuster (sensitivity adjuster: E3JM-DS70[]4(T) only) are located inside the cover.

* Models numbers for Through-beam Sensors (E3JM-10[]4(T)-N) are for sets that include both the Emitter and Receiver.
   The model number of the Emitter is always E3JM-10L-N. Add a “D” to get the model number of the Receiver (example:
   EE3JM-10DM4-N). Confirm the model numbers of the Emitter and Receiver in Ordering Information.

Accessories (Order separately)

Seal-type Long Slit

E3JM Dimensions 7