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Low-cost Encoder with Diameter of 50 mm


General-purpose Absolute Encoder with External Diameter of 50 mm


Power supply voltage Output configuration Resolution
Connector for H8PS Cam
5 to 12 VDC Open-collector output 256 (8-bit) None E6CP-AG3C 256P/R 2M
12 to 24 VDC E6CP-AG5C 256P/R 2M
Supported E6CP-AG5C-C 256P/R 2M

Note: When connecting to the H8PS, use the E6CP-AG5C-C, which is connected using a connector. It cannot be used on
          other models.

Accessories (Order Separately)

Name Model Remarks
Couplings E69-C06B Provided with the E6CP-AG3C and E6CP-AG5C.
E69-C68B Different end diameter
E69-C610B Different end diameter
E69-C06M Metal construction
Servo Mounting Bracket E69-2 Provided with the product. (Three brackets in a set.)
Extension Cable E69-DF5 5 m Models are also available with 15-m and 98-m cables.
E69-DF10 10 m
E69-DF20 20 m