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G6D-F4PU / G3DZ-F4PU, G6D-F4B / G3DZ-F4B

Terminal Relay

G6D-F4PU / G3DZ-F4PU, G6D-F4B / G3DZ-F4B

Model with Push-In Plus technology Added to Terminal Relays with Four-point Output Lineup

• Realized 5 A rating by optimal designs for wide variety of applications (Push-In Plus technology).

• Push-In Plus terminal enables work reduction and requires no retightening.

• Short Bars (order separately) ensure easy common wiring and crossover wiring to adjacent terminal relays.

• Double wire method enables branch wiring (Push-In Plus technology)

• Each relay has independent coils and contacts for PLC output compatible (both NPN and PNP).

• Mechanical Relay models and power MOS FET relay models (for high frequency contact ratings) are available.

• LED operation indicator, diode for coil surge absorption, and tools for easy removal of relays are included as standard equipment.

• UL and CSA certification for standard models.
   VDE certification for Screws terminal, TÜV certification for Push-In Plus terminal.
   IP20 protection code for Push-In Plus models.

Features (G6D-F4PU/G3DZ-F4PU (Model with Push-In Plus technology))

Pursuing High Usability

G6D-F4PU / G3DZ-F4PU, G6D-F4B / G3DZ-F4B Features 3

Slimmer Width Yet Larger Power Supply Capacity

G6D-F4PU / G3DZ-F4PU, G6D-F4B / G3DZ-F4B Features 4

Wide Variety of Application

G6D-F4PU / G3DZ-F4PU, G6D-F4B / G3DZ-F4B Features 5

Applicable to Various Number of I/O Points

G6D-F4PU / G3DZ-F4PU, G6D-F4B / G3DZ-F4B Features 6

* Value Design for Panel
Our shared concept “Value Design for Panel” for the specifications of products used in control panels (hereinafter called “Value Design”) will create new value to your control panels. Combining multiple products that share the Value Design concept will further increase the value provided to control panels.