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Power Relay


A High-capacity, High-dielectric-strength, Multi-pole Relay Used Like a Contactor

(Unit: mm)

Screw Terminals with W-bracket
G7J-4A-B, G7J-3A1B-B, G7J-3A1B-BZ, G7J-2A2B-B

G7J Dimensions 1

Quick-connect Terminals with W-bracket
G7J-4A-T, G7J-4A-TZ, G7J-3A1B-T, G7J-2A2B-T

G7J Dimensions 2

PCB Terminals with PCB Mounting
G7J-4A-P, G7J-4A-PZ, G7J-3A1B-P, G7J-3A1B-PZ, G7J-2A2B-P

G7J Dimensions 3

Terminal Arrangement/Internal Connections

G7J Dimensions 5

Note: Terminals 43 and 44 of the G7J-4A-P(T) and contacts 41 and 42 of the G7J-3A1B-P(B) are bifurcated contacts.

Accessories (Order Separately)

R99-04 W-bracket (for G5F)

G7J Dimensions 7