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G3H / G3HD

Solid State Relays G3[]-VD

G3H / G3HD

Solid State Relays Featuring the Same Profile as LY1 and LY2 Bi-power Relays

Model Number Structure

Model Number Legend

G3H / G3HD Lineup 2

Ordering Information

List of Models

Isolation Zero cross
Indicator Rated output load Rated input
Photocoupler Yes Yes 3 A at 100 to 240 VAC *1 5 to 24 VDC G3H-203SN-VD DC5-24
No 5 VDC G3H-203SLN-VD DC5
12 VDC G3H-203SLN-VD DC12
24 VDC G3H-203SLN-VD DC24
Photocoupler --- 3 A at 4 to 48 VDC *2 5 to 24 VDC G3HD-X03SN-VD DC5-24
Photocoupler Yes No 3 A at 100 to 240 VAC *1 4 to 24 VDC G3H-203S-VD DC4-24
No 5 VDC G3H-203SL-VD DC5
12 VDC G3H-203SL-VD DC12
24 VDC G3H-203SL-VD DC24
Photocoupler --- 3 A at 4 to 48 VDC *2 4 to 24 VDC G3HD-X03S-VD DC4-24
--- Yes 2.5 A at 24 to 240 VDC *3 *4 12 to 24 VDC G3HD-202SN-VD DC12-24V

*1 Product is labelled "240 VAC".
*2 Product is labelled "48 VDC".
*3 Product is labelled "240 VDC".
*4 Application is possible for a half-wave rectification load between 19.2 and 264 VAC.

Accessories (Order Separately)

Connection Sockets

Classification Terminal Type Appearance Model
Front-mounting Push-In Plus
Terminal blocks
997_lu_2_1 PTF-08-PU
Screw terminals 997_lu_2_2 PTF08A
Screw terminals
(finger protection structure)
997_lu_2_3 PTFZ-08-E
Back-mounting Solder terminals 997_lu_2_5 PT-08
Relays with PCB Terminals 997_lu_2_6 PT08-0
Wrapping terminals 997_lu_2_7 PT08QN

Hold-down Clip

Applicable Socket Hold-down Clip
Classification Terminal Type Model Model
Front-mounting Screw terminals (finger protection structure) PTFZ-08-E PYC-A1 *
Screw terminals PTF08A
Back-mounting Solder terminals PT-08 PYC-P
Relays with PCB Terminals PT08-0 PYC-P
Wrapping terminals PT08QN PYC-P

* One Set (2 Clips)

DIN Track Mounting Parts

Type Appearance Model
DIN Tracks Shallow type, total length: 1 m 997_lu_4_1 PFP-100N
Shallow type, total length: 0.5 m PFP-50N
Deep type, total length: 1 m 997_lu_4_2 PFP-100N2
End Plate 997_lu_4_3 PFP-M
Spacer 997_lu_4_4 PFP-S