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FAQ02275 of Safety Sensors FAQ

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What is the muting function?


Muting Function

The muting function temporarily disables the safety function when a workpiece or conveying palette passes through the detection area of Safety Light Curtains or Safety Sensors.

F3SN/F3SL-series Safety Light Curtains and F3SH-series Multi-beam Safety Sensors do not have a muting function, but the muting function can be used if F3SP-U2P Muting Controller for Safety Sensors (sold separately) is used in conjunction with these products. Refer to the following application example.

Example Application Using the Muting Function by Combining an F3SN with an F3SP-U2P

The F3SP-U2P Muting Controller distinguishes between workpieces and people passing through by the timing of the detection by Muting Sensors A and B.
Adjust where Muting Sensors A and B are installed and the sensing direction so that the passage of a person does not interrupt the beams from both Sensors.

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