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FAQ02276 of Safety Sensors FAQ

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Do F3SN Safety Light Curtain and F3SH always have to be used in a set with F3SP-B1P Safety Light Curtain Control Unit?


No, it is not always necessary to use them as a set. It is possible to comply with Category 2 or Category 4 without using F3SP-B1P.

If F3SP-B1P is not used, the user must implement proper safety circuits.

F3SP-B1P is intended for the following two main applications to reduce work in system construction and wiring for safety categories.

Intended Applications of F3SP-B1P

1.Easy construction of Category 4 safety circuits for F3SN-A Series and F3SH Series, and easy construction of Category 2 safety circuits for F3SN-B Series.

2.Reduced wiring and space requirements with easy connection by using a cable with connectors on both ends (separately sold), because both sides (i.e., Safety Light Curtain and F3SP-B1P) require connectors. Refer to the following figure.

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