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FAQ01684 of Servomotors / Servo Drivers FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01684

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What shape of motor shaft should be selected if a Reduction Gear is installed on a SMARTSTEP A-series Servomotor?



Use a Servomotor with a straight shaft and without a key when installing reduction gears.

Use only the specified combinations of Servomotors and reduction gears. Using a combination that is not specified, or using in combination with another company's reductions gears or Servomotor may result in a reduction in the service life of the motor bearings.

The dimensions of the Servomotor mounting flange on the reduction gears differ for each Servomotor. Do not install reduction gears on a Servomotor other than the one specified.

Install reduction gears on the Servomotor using the following procedure.

1. Remove the rubber cap and check that the set bolt is loose.

2. Insert the Servomotor shaft into the input shaft.

3. Tighten the Servomotor installation bolt according to the tightening torque specified in the following table.

Servomotor installation boltTightening torque (Nm)

4. Tighten the set bolt according to the tightening torque specified in the following table.

Set boltTightening torque (Nm)

5. After tightening the set bolt, replace the rubber cap.

Using Reduction Gears from Other Companies (Reference Information)

If the system configuration requires that a SMARTSTEP A-series Motor be used in combination with a reduction gear from another company, select the reduction gear so that the loads on the motor shaft (i.e., both the radial and thrust loads) are with the allowable values. Also, control the motor speed and output torque so that the allowable input speed and allowable input torque of the reduction gear is not exceeded