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FAQ02219 of Thumbwheel Switches FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ02219

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Can we set the digit of the Thumbwheel Switches to be dialed only in the range from 0 to 3?


(1) Any number can be set with the models equipped with external stoppers.

Applicable Model Number: A7BS-20[]-S

(2) The models equipped with internal stoppers are also available.

Applicable Model Number: A7D[],A7B[],A7P[]

Stoppers are attached when the units are assembled in the factory.

The position where stoppers are attached cannot be changed. They are only available by order.

Add the suffix -S[][]to the model number, specifying the range in the blanks.

Example: in the case of the range from 0 to 3: A7PS-203-S03

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